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Important Information For Tenants

At Compass Asset Management, we go above and beyond to make sure our tenants receive a friendly and helpful service that will help them make their rental property a home. We offer a process-driven support system that allows tenants to report repairs and maintenance issues and stay in regular contact with their property manager. Our role is to bridge the gap between lessors and tenants to make all tenancies as streamlined and smooth running as possible.

We invite you to contact us in a variety of ways. The following information will help you get in touch without delay.

Office Hours

Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday via telephone

Preferred Contact Method

●  Email is the fastest and most effective contact method.

By appointment
● To see any staff member in person, please contact the office to arrange a time that suits us both. The nature of our role takes us out of the office so by making an appointment we can ensure we are there for you.

● If you don't have email or for emergencies, please contact our office by phone. Messages left will be returned as soon as it is possible to do so.

Other Information

Condition Report
Please complete, sign and return the condition report within seven days of the lease commencement date as required by the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act. If the condition report is received after this date, information may not be valid.

Direct Debit
Direct debit is the preferred method of rental payments. Please refer to the information sheet provided in your tenancy moving in kit.

It is your responsibility as the account holder to increase the amount of the direct debit (if and when required) and cancel the direct debit authorisation at the end of your tenancy. As we are not the account holder, we cannot make changes to any direct debit authorisation.

General Repairs and Maintenance
All general repairs and maintenance must be forwarded via the PropertyMe software app. If you require details on how to download the app, please contact us today. Please give as much information as possible of the repairs needed and provide access authorisation for the repairs to be carried out.

If a repair is the result of tenant neglect, the tenant agrees to take responsibility for the payment of the account. For example, power failure due to a faulty appliance or an unidentified object blocking toilets or garbage disposal units. It is the tenant's responsibility to replace any blown light globes throughout the property and replace cracked or broken windows or screens..

Property Inspections
The property is inspected by our routine inspection manager four times a year. You will be notified in writing between seven and 14 days before an inspection takes place.

Locked Out
If you're locked out between office hours you can collect the management set of keys and return them to the office within one hour. You are required to show identification.

If you're locked out after hours, you must arrange a locksmith at your own cost.

Moving Out
Two (2) weeks' notice in writing is required if you intend to vacate on or after the lease expiry date. Please contact our office to receive the correct form.

Breaking a Lease Agreement
If you wish to vacate the property during your tenancy, please contact your Property Manager immediately. We will advise you of your obligations during this process.

We advise all tenants to insure their own contents as they are not covered under the lessor's policies.

Parking of Cars
All cars, motorbikes, trailers, campervans, caravans, boats and trucks are to be parked in designated parking areas only. Do not park on front lawn areas or on body corporate designated common areas (where applicable). It is the tenant's responsibility to repair any damage caused by parking cars in unauthorized areas.

It is the tenant's responsibility to remove any oil stains on driveways. To avoid such damage, we recommend the purchase of a drip tray.

Pot Plants & Picture Hooks
It is recommended that pot plants are raised off the carpet or outside areas to avoid water damage or staining. Should you wish to hang pictures, you will need to provide our office with a detailed drawing highlighting the walls that will be affected. We will then advise after instructions are sought from the landlord.

Pools and Pool Fencing
Please do not assume that you have permission to install/erect a swimming pool of any type at the property.

If you wish to have a pool of any size, it may require fencing due to legislation. You must first seek permission in writing from the lessor. If permission is granted, it is then the responsibility of the tenant to ensure that ALL fencing requirements are met following relevant legislation.

Our property management team is on hand to answer any queries you may have and to make your experience as a tenant of Compass Asset Management as smooth as possible. For any other queries, contact us today.