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Property Management For Landlords

Owning investment property is a business venture like any other.

To achieve maximum income potential, properties must be efficiently managed. They must be well maintained, appropriately marketed and occupied with the most suitable tenants to protect the short and long-term value of the investment.

At Compass Asset Management, your property is our business. Our leadership team is directly responsible for all areas of property management so achieving the best results for landlords is in our best interests too!

Our comprehensive range of management strategies focuses on maximizing occupancy and reducing depreciation while considering fluctuations in the market to achieve the most realistic income.

With communication at our core, we keep landlords informed of all issues relating directly to the property and the market in general. We carry out all servicing and repairs to maintain the property to the highest standards while always choosing the most suitable tenants.

We are proud of the service we provide. Every day we work tirelessly to help landlords achieve the maximum return on investment to contribute to building their future.

While the property market ebbs and flows, our definition of excellence remains consistent. We strive to help landlords run their business to maximum efficiency in all markets.

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Landlord Services

  •  Thorough tenant vetting and research
  •  Monitor and action of rental arrears
  •  Routine inspections with a full written report and colour photographs included
  •  Maintenance and service
  •  Regular market updates and rental analysis to make sure rent is always realistic and aligned with the market value
  •  A range of payment options for tenants
  •  We promptly issue breach notices ensuring minimum losses occur
  •  No periodic tenancies (unless authorised)
  •  Online resources for landlords and tenants including 24/7 personal portal access

Rather than simply providing a management service, we give all our landlords the peace of mind that every area of looking after their property is taken care of.

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